Philosophy of Sustainability

Nature Conservancy  |
Tucson, AZ

Green Philosophy

We believe people take inspiration from the buildings and spaces they spend time in; and when people are inspired by their spaces we believe that they are more likely to be creative, focused  to care for their surrounding environment.  Because we care deeply for our environment, both natural and man-made, we create inspiring spaces for our clients. 

When we design ‘sustainable’ buildings our intent is to honor our environment by doing it no harm.  We see ourselves as stewards, maintaining and holding our earth in trust for future generations – while at the same time providing buildings that our customers delight in. 

With our conviction that buildings we design must provide healthy inspiring places for our clients, we strive to utilize materials, products and energy guidelines that support our goal of environmental stewardship.  We use LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) guidelines and incorporate passive and active solar design technologies, specify energy star products, use recycled materials, and specify products that emit low VOCs.  These are simply examples of current technologies and we are always striving to stay ahead of the Sustainability curve.