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El Presidio de Tucson Reconstruction

El Presidio de Tucson, located in the heart of downtown Tucson, is the City of Tucson’s first Rio Nuevo project.  We created a “living history” complex on the site of the northeast bastion of Tucson’s historic Presidio, a fort constructed by the Spanish in 1776. The corner bastion was reconstructed using 44-inch wide adobe, matching the adobe found during archaeological excavations. A 3-room territorial residence was remodeled and is now the museum and gift shop for the complex.  A pre-agricultural Native American pit house unearthed on the site has been left on display to provide visitors with an understanding of the “layers of history” evident on this site. We used materials indigenous to the region including adobe, saguaro ribs (incorporated into ceilings and ramada), mesquite wood structures, and natural earthen plasters.